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Automatic Follow-Up: Damages and Medical Records

By Law Team | Jul 25, 2017

The Communication Challenge One of the most challenging parts of working with a client can be keeping the lines of communications open. This is especially hard when clients don’t understand the importance of certain records or actions. Consider how you might react to the following client comments the day before arbitration, mediation or trial: By…

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Announcing Partnership with the Georgia Trial Lawyer’s Association

By Law Team | Jul 19, 2017

We are pleased to announce that ClientLegalEd has launched a partnership initiative with the Georgia Trial Lawyer’s Association (GTLA). Members of the Georgia Trial Lawyer’s Association will receive discounted access to ClientLegalEd when they register on or before October 17, 2017, and additional benefits thereafter. Georgia Trial Lawyers The GTLA is an organization of more…

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Lawyers Are Borrowing This Technology from Doctors – And That’s a Good Thing

By Law Team | Jun 8, 2017

At ClientLegalEd, we believe that some of the greatest advancements come from taking an already-proven idea and applying it in a new context. This is especially relevant when it comes to doctors and lawyers and the people they serve. Doctors are well-educated individuals who speak an elevated professional language. Medicine is a complicated field where nuance and detail matter. And yet,…

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Client Intake: 3 ways to help clients remember your advice.

By Law Team | May 23, 2016

  How Much Do Your Clients Remember? There is a common saying in the education and training field: People remember 5% of what you tell them; 30% of what you show them; And 50% of what you tell AND show them. This is often referred to as “the cone of learning” or “the learning pyramid.” Although catchy, in…

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