Clients Forget 80% of What they Discuss with their Lawyer

Build a customized video education guide for your clients in 5 minutes.

Increase Efficiency

Prepare clients before meetings and reinforce your advice afterwards. Spend client face time discussing a client's unique fact pattern, not repetitive background topics.

Grow Revenues

Increase online conversions by offering prospective clients access to customized content addressing their most pressing concerns. Build trust and confidence.

Improve Outcomes

Reduce late-stage surprises. Identify more relevant evidence while helping clients act as partners in their representation.

Reduce Malpractice Risk

Increase transparency and enhance client communication as clients understand what to expect at each step in the process. Set appropriate client expectations and reduce missteps.

Client Portal

  • Customized portal branded with your firm name, logo, attorney photo and welcome message.

  • Client sees only the content you decide is relevant.

  • Send auto reminders to client to ensure they view content.

  • Responsive interface means your clients can view content on any computer, phone or mobile device.

Assign Content

  • Select content relevant to your practice from our extensive content library.

  • Create and save your own libraries for easy reference.

  • Set content modules to send immediately or on a later date.

  • Print or export viewing data into case management systems for easy record keeping.

Create Content

  • Upload your own videos, content and documents for use within your firm.

  • Mix and match your content with ClientLegalEd's content.

  • Add a personal introduction to our videos or create your own content modules from scratch.

  • Re-market your services to past clients.

Sample Modules

Topics Covered

Legal Process Overview

Attorney-Client Privilege

Importance of Early Information

Fact Finder Exercise

Tracking Damages

Liability Apportionment

Filing a Complaint

Disclosing Information

Written Interrogatories

Preparing for Your Deposition

Outside Interests in Your Settlement

Preparing for Arbitration

We adjust modules for all 50 states.

Client Intake: 3 ways to help clients remember your advice.

By Law Team | May 23, 2016

  How Much Do Your Clients Remember? There is a common saying in the education and training field: People remember 5% of what you tell them; 30% of what you show them; And 50% of what you tell AND show them. This is often referred to as “the cone of learning” or “the learning pyramid.” Although catchy, in…