Announcing Partnership with the Georgia Trial Lawyer’s Association

We are pleased to announce that ClientLegalEd has launched a partnership initiative with the Georgia Trial Lawyer’s Association (GTLA). Members of the Georgia Trial Lawyer’s Association will receive discounted access to ClientLegalEd when they register on or before October 17, 2017, and additional benefits thereafter.

Georgia Trial Lawyers

The GTLA is an organization of more than 1800 members dedicated to protecting consumers and individuals throughout Georgia. It is committed to protecting the right to trial by jury, and its members often represent plaintiffs who have been injured or harmed by other parties.

One of the challenges that trial lawyers face is that they often serve clients who are first-time participants in the justice system. These clients do not know what to expect or fully understand the important role that they must play in their representation. This can cause a great deal of anxiety for a client who finds it difficult to wrap their mind around the lengthy and often complicated legal process, and it can be especially problematic when a client is experiencing serious pain or is unable to work.

Working to Support Clients

To help address this challenge, ClientLegalEd has customized a library of client education modules specifically for use in Georgia. These video education modules address common topics that arise in most cases, such as attorney-client privilege, the importance of early information, liability apportionment, deposition preparation, arbitration, and many others. It is our hope that this content will help clients understand the legal basics, supporting them throughout the representation process and allowing Georgia lawyers to spend more time focusing on the unique topics most important to each client’s case. These lawyers will also have the opportunity to upload their own customized content to the ClientLegalEd platform for private use with clients.

At ClientLegalEd, we are committed to supporting trial associations across the country. If you are a trial lawyer practicing in Georgia who would like to know more about ClientLegalEd and the additional benefits available to GTLA members, please schedule a demo and try ClientLegalEd for free.




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