Automatic Follow-Up: Damages and Medical Records

The Communication Challenge

One of the most challenging parts of working with a client can be
keeping the lines of communications open. This is especially hard when clients don't understand the importance of certain records or actions. Consider how you might react to the following client comments the day before arbitration, mediation or trial:

  • By the way, another hospital sent me this letter saying something about a medical lien.
  • You know, I never completed that treatment. I thought they were asking too much.
  • No, I haven't seen that chiropractor in a while. I switched because I didn't like his bedside manner.

One of our common themes at ClientLegalEd is that clients don't intentionally self-sabotage their own cases. Why would they? The problem is that there is an information gap between a lawyer who knows the law, and their client, who doesn't. When a client doesn't understand the relevance of records or actions, it is easy for them to overlook bits of information or, in some cases, to give into procrastination.

We can't send a client to law school, and it's easy to overload a client with too much information. However, we can help clients understand why these issues are so important, and provide them with consistent reminders to ensure they send you this information in a timely manner.

A Three-Part Solution

To address this challenge, we have started production on a three-part module series addressing damages and document followup. These video education modules prompt clients to reflect on damages factors that may have changed since their initial consultation and to forward relevant documents to your office. They also explain in easy-to-understand terms just why it is so critical to keep you up-to-date, and how a failure to do so can undermine their case.

Combined with ClientLegalEd's automatic follow-up functionality, you can log in once and pick the dates on which you want these videos to auto-send to clients. For example, you might prompt a client with one of these videos every 30, 60 and 90 days.

What Else Would You Like to See?

This is one an example of a module series that we have developed in response to requests from attorneys. We add topics to our production queue in response to lawyer feedback, and prioritize them according to the level of demand. If there is something you would like us to cover, send an email to If you have not already signed up for ClientLegalEd, get started here.




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