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Prepare clients before meetings and reinforce your advice afterwards. Focus more on a client's unique fact pattern rather than repetitive background topics.

Grow Revenues

Increase online conversions as clients get immediate access to high-quality content addressing their most pressing concerns. Create your own content and bill for access.

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Help clients act as partners in their representation. Reduce late-stage surprises, identify more evidence, and increase client satisfaction.

Great client service begins with education.

Go Beyond

ClientLegalEd is a learning management platform built for the legal profession.

We produce deep content covering multiple practice areas while granting lawyers unparalleled control and customizability. Identify content most useful to your clients and create custom libraries for quick reference. Brand content with your name and logo and upload your own personal video introductions. Create new video content to address unique legal topics and introduce even more efficiencies to your practice.

All content is private and accessed through a secure client portal. Control what your client sees and when they see it. 

You can deploy ClientLegalEd immediately. It is powerful, yet intuitive and simple to use.

Topics Covered

Module Samples

PI Plaintiff
Criminal Defense
Small Business
PI Plaintiff
  • The Road Ahead - Litigation Overview
  • Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Importance of Early Information
  • Fact-Finder Exercise
  • Tracking Damages
  • Liability Apportionment
  • Filing a Complaint
  • Affirmative Disclosure Requirements
  • Written Discovery
  • Deposition Preparation
  • Outside Interests in Settlement - Medical Liens
  • Arbitration Preparation
Criminal Defense
  • Criminal Process Overview
  • Working with an Attorney
  • Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Early Information in Criminal Defense
  • Elements of a Crime - Prosecutor's Burden
  • ID Evidence to Undermine Elements - Types of Evidence
  • Defendant's Fundamental Rights
  • Courtroom Presence and Behavior
  • Hearings - Arraignments
  • Hearings - Preliminary Hearings 
  • Plea Bargains
  • Sentencing
Small Business
  • Creating a Separate Legal Entity
  • Dangers of General Partnership
  • Avoiding Veil Piercing
  • Partner or Member Contributions
  • Business Entity Comparison
  • Ownership, Control and Taxation
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Common Liability Pitfalls
  • Employees vs Independent Contractors
  • Insurance Basics
  • Identifying Intellectual Property
  • Protecting Intellectual Property

Our modules are tailored for all 50 state jurisdictions.

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