Grow your practice
with quality client education.

Increase Efficiency

Prepare clients before meetings and reinforce your advice afterwards. Spend client face time discussing a client's unique fact pattern, not repetitive background topics.

Grow Revenues

Increase online conversions by offering prospective clients access to customized content addressing their most pressing concerns. Build trust and confidence.

Improve Outcomes

Reduce late-stage surprises. Identify more relevant evidence while helping clients act as partners in their representation.

Reduce Malpractice Risk

Increase transparency and enhance client communication as clients understand what to expect at each step in the process. Set appropriate client expectations and reduce missteps.

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Sample Modules

PI Plaintiff
Criminal Defense
Small Business
PI Plaintiff


  • The Road Ahead
  • Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Importance of Early Information
  • Fact Finder Exercise
  • Tracking Damages
  • Liability Apportionment
  • Filing a Complaint
  • Initial Disclosure Requirements
  • Written Interrogatories
  • Preparing for Your Deposition
  • Outside Interests in Your Settlement
  • Arbitration
Criminal Defense

(In Development)

  • Criminal Law Process
  • Working With A Lawyer
  • Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Importance of Early Information
  • Proving a Crime - Elements
  • Types of Evidence
  • Defendant's Fundamental Rights
  • Discovery
  • Courtroom Presence
  • Arraignments
  • Preliminary Hearings
  • Plea Bargains
  • Sentencing
Small Business


We differentiate modules for all 50 states.